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Thread: Just booked a photo gig for this coming week

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    Just booked a photo gig for this coming week

    Just got off the phone with the PR person for the Drums Along the Mohawk Drum & Bugle corps show in Rome NY. They were scrambling for an 'official' photographer. A friend of my wife and mine from our high school days asked if I was available... I think I made their day. I had already taken the day off from work specifically to attend the show, (and photograph it of course). Now I get an ID and full field access (not just from the stands). I'm going to give Lori my Nikon, and I'm going to carry one of my work d7000's and we'll be roaming the field for the show! This will be their 35th anniversary, and we'll have By-line Credit for the photos which they'll publish this coming year, plus share with Drum Corps International, the governing body. No pay from this one, but loads of coverage and exposure for the studio.


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    Sounds like a pretty sweet deal. Good entertainment that you don't have to pay for is hard to beat. There is no PR better than free PR.
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    Congrats, Ned. I've sure done plenty of those non paying gigs just for the PR as well. It pays off in the long run. Shooting an event that you were planning an attending anyway is just a bonus.
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    Congratulations Ned.
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    Attaboy Ned!
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    That's great Ned
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    Sounds great Ned. I'll be looking forward to seeing some pictures.

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