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Thread: 'Nother neat little score!

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    'Nother neat little score!

    I check the classifieds for tools from time to time, and last week saw this plane advertised:

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    It is a Stanley 220 block plane. It had very little use on it, and I suspect was bought by or for someone who didn't know how to use a plane and couldn't figure it out. It had slight signs of having been pushed over wood a few times, but was practically a virgin. It must be a fairly recent model, as the box is absolutely clean, and the body is enamelled in an oxblood colour that I have never seen on a Stanley tool before. The blade is stamped "Stanley" in the usual rectangle. There are no marks on the casting other than "USA" on the heel, and an indecipherable number stamped just behind the throat. The radius of the ends isn't quite right, as the grind is a little lopsided, making me think it is a very recent model (i.e. post 1970) when Stanley's quality appeared to slip a bit. It cost $15, which is less than LV charges for a new Stanley block plane.

    If anyone can tell me the approximate age of the plane, I would greatly appreciate.

    I've honed it to a bright mirror finish, and it's a gleaming addition to my plane drawer. Also took the time to rehone the little rabbet plane I bought a while ago.
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    Cool. I don't know anything about that specific era or model, but I'll bet you can tune it into a very workable plane. Not bad for $15.
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    I don't know anything about planes but for $15 it looks like a great find
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    In general the maroon planes are less desirable than the black [or dark blue block] planes, but it looks like an adequate user. For more info on Stanley planes, look here:

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