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Thread: Old but they been together a long time.

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    Old but they been together a long time.

    Bob & Alice still together after about 37 years. Alice is really a Case but what woman isn't? She is old & temperamental but her bucket cylinder is now rebuilt so she will still be able to apply pressure & hold it over
    Bob's head.. They both need a complete facial done in white with red wheels.
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    Very Cool Bart!

    I'd hate to have to go back to digging holes by hand!
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    "Old but they been together a long time."

    The wife & I celebrate 25 yrs together today, though neither of us have worked has hard as Bob & Alice, we hope we're as able as they look
    I wouldn't say it in front of her, but, we both could use a facial along with a complete overhaul

    Kudos on the rebuild, how was it?
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    bart get your self some kind of cage to protect you from the arms coming down on you unexpected..they are old and its NOT SAFE that way at all..glad you got it up and running but play safe not dangerously..
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