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Thread: Some spindle turning and flatwork

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    Some spindle turning and flatwork

    The dressing table and the bed are made of Pink Flame wood . As this is a very delicate wood I only used 3/4 KD boards and glued everything up for security. This will be going North to the Grandaughter for her daughter if she ever has one. The bed spindles are three pieces doweld together and the dressing table spindles fit in the lathe as one piece except for the finials on the back. All flat surfaces are 4 inch wide boards glued up.
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    hi jim

    thats some awe inspiring work you have done, nice job

    your future great grandaughter (i think) should be very happy with these
    what are you building today ??


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    That is so nice Jim. Just beautiful!


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    Beautiful Pieces, Jim. the Great Grand daughter will certainly have something like no one else has.

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    Very nice, Jim. I saw the bed on another forum, but the dressing table was new to me. That's some gorgeous wood, and you did an excellent job with it, too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim King View Post
    This will be going North to the Grandaughter for her daughter if she ever has one. The bed spindles are three pieces doweld together
    Since you are shipping it north (presumbably to family in the USA??) did you build it to knock down? Anything special that you had to consider for that?

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    Bed and dressing table

    Art: The bed comes apart like any other bed, the canopy rails are tenoned into the end posts and fastened with hidden screws from the inside. The bottom rails are held on with just a piece of aluminum angle and bolts thru the side rails and lag screw into the posts.

    As for the dressing table the mirror is removeable and nothing more. And yes to Wisconsin.
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