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Thread: Around the House "Degreaser" for Lathe

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    Around the House "Degreaser" for Lathe

    Ok I just got the new lathe earlier in week. I wiped it down pretty good but I want to make sure all that " gooey stuff" (whatever it is called) they put on it when shipping is gone. Is there anything I can use around the house to clean it up good? I may not be able to get away today. I have some bioshield 9 I can put on it after it is cleaned up good.

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    I've used mineral spirits in the past to good effect. Make sure you show us your new lathe!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brent Dowell View Post
    I've used mineral spirits in the past to good effect. Make sure you show us your new lathe!
    Kerosene also works well.

    Whatever solvent you use, be careful with the used rags. They can be a fire hazard!
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    Another vote for mineral spirits, but just about any handy solvent will do the trick. And I'll echo Jim's caution about the used rags.

    After it's clean, I just use Johnson paste wax to keep the rust at bay.
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