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Thread: 28 August of the best and biggest days of my life :)

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    28 August of the best and biggest days of my life :)

    Well for those of you that live far away from me, i guess you never heard the noise of me screaming and performing when i open the mail box and YAHOOOOOOOOOO...or rather YEEE HAWWW....there were a bunch of brown envelopes in their from the gov.

    I went hoping and skipping all the way home....

    Finally after 10 years of living in Canada on the 28 August my family and i become fully fledged Canadian citizens.


    Its too much of a long winded story to explain, but this means way more to me than meets the eye. Not even my own wife and family can understand what it means to me.

    And we happen to have also found at the same time a place to stay while we search for our final destination in this great country and its about 3km over in the next town and as luck would have it my wife could almost walk to work yet we aint in the crowded box houses territory. New place even has a workshop. Not what i am leaving behind but heck its just temporary so i am simply happy there is a place to store my kit.

    Good thing is new place will have new driveway by the time we take occupancy and although its an old home its just had a bunch of new upgrades. Back yard is totally private so no more NN nonsense.

    Now all we need is to be able to get Passports in time to make it to Larrys place. Thats the part i am not sure is gonna happen in time. Takes 10 days at best.

    Puts us at 11 September which is after the horse has bolted but we gonna try to see if we can do something about that. There has to be some way to speed it up. Hard to claim its an emergency even though as far as i am concerned it is.

    So hold thumbs folks life is looking up for us.

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    Well HOT DIGGIDY DANG!!! Great news Rob Congrats to you and yours You need a going away party IN your OLD driveway to "wave" off your old neighbors

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    Congrats Rob and Canada is lucky to have you as one of it's citizens.
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    Yippee! WTG, Rob.

    Hope the passports some through. And that you can make Larry's by Friday. Sure would like to meet you F2F.

    Some say the land of milk and honey; others say the land of fruits and nuts. All together my sort of heaven.

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    Congratulations Rob!
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    Congratulations Rob!

    Good things happen to good people. Hope you can get the passport in time to make it to Larry's.

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    That is a big milestone indeed! Major congrats, Rob!

    We all pitched in and got you some goodies for the driveway party...

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    Im happy for you.
    know how much it meant for you and the family.
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    Congrats my friend.
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    Yes indeed, Congrats rob
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