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Thread: Human Powered CNC

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    Human Powered CNC

    I think this qualifies as a "new tool" but the mods should feel free to move this if I've posted in the wrong place.

    The inventor calls his idea "Position-Correcting Tools" but I saw an article describe it as human powered CNC.

    Take a look at his paper if you're interested in the technical details. Definitely watch the video at the bottom of this page:

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    Very Interesting. It is fun to see brilliant young (or any age) minds at work.

    A classmate and friend of mine went to CalTech. He was attending there when the Slinky came out. A group of students figured out, just how much energy, etc. it took to make a slinky go down the steps to one of the buildings. There was quite a bit of publicity about the the thing. I suppose because Slinkys had become so popular and interest was focused on them.


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    Looks like a very innovative idea.

    Also didn't know slinky's were so ol....errr...ummm..."mature".

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    that bit about calculating the energy in a slinky reminded me of someone who i knew that went on to become an engineer. one of the theoretical exercises was to calculate the hoop stress limits of weenie casings.
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    Very cool. Matt.
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    Thanks Matt for bringing this innovation to our attention. Thanks for sharing it.

    It really will be interesting to see where this goes.
    Reading their abstract the assumption on the range humans have is true but we can never hope to hold the cutting device in any precise location when it comes to tougher materials than shown in the video which was mdf. I am just thinking back a few weeks when i used several tools, one of which was my small trim router, to hollow out a recess in my SPF work bench top. Trying to keep the router bit in place when a hard latewood ring was being crossed was quiet the effort. Like to see how this would tackle it.

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    Color me impressed, this is a very cool tool and a cool idea, I can really see many applications for it, especially for one off, but for making lots of the same thing, a CNC would be much better, set the machine, hit start and then walk away!
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