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Thread: Lighted Splinter Pullers

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    Lighted Splinter Pullers

    Anybody else get splinters like I do? Seems like I touch a board and splinters jump under my skin.

    Lost my last set of magnifying splinter pullers so had to order some new ones.

    Got this one in the mail today and I really like it. Nice set of tweezers, magnifier AND it's got a little led light.

    Just a happy customer...

    Click image for larger version. 

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    My wife calls me "Edward Splinter Hands"

    I've got a few tweezers in the shop but those look handy. I wouldn't have to find both my glasses and tweezers to pull it out
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    Splinter magnet here myself...& bet you find the lost one any day now
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    I am always pulling splinters also, that looks like it would be an improvement on what I usually use to dig the pieces out.

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    Brent I think i will get you one of these next time i am Lee Valley and send it down.

    Its got to rate as the ultimate best item i have ever experienced for really doing what it says. I keep mine hidden from my family because i know what my boys would do to it and i dont want to go to jail after if they did. Thats how much i believe in it. I am a splinter magnet too, even metal splinters.

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    What I wanna know is where are you finding lighted splinters?
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