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Thread: From tweezers to mice...

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    From tweezers to mice...

    I was surfing some of my posts from an old boating forum I participated in a few yrs ago{was looking for an old photo of a splinter that went up under my thumbnail that I had to use a razor knife & cut the nail tip to tail to remove...was going to share it in Brent's tweezers tool thread, but alas it was gone}...Anyways, I stumbled onto this little story I shared with them, and thought a few here may get a chuckle out of it....

    On occasion, we have had our share of 'uninvited visitors' to blatantly try to claim public domain of our residence, which our cat would not tolerate.

    This story would be one of those occasions.

    It was a quiet evening. The Mrs & I were laid back in the recliners watching some movie or other. Of course as habits have it, the Mrs started to drift off to sleep. The TV volume was low, the dogs comfortably sprawled out at our feet, even the neighborhood seemed unusually noise free this particular night. Even our cat 'Spaz' was off silently on patrol.

    It wasn't long before I heard the rustling pitter patter sound of the cats paws, become a full-out sprint across the kitchen floor. Then silence once again. Hmmm I thought, its not like ol' Spaz to miss his target and quite frankly, I was kind of disappointed in the lack of any sickening wails of defeat from his victim. Oh well, he is getting a few years on him, guess he still deserves credit for having the heart to hunt. I went back to watching whatever was on.

    By now the Mrs had ventured into a flat out fully reclined position, and pulled up a blanket she had by her side. It wouldn't be long before she would be completely off in zzz-land. And...she might have made it, if Spaz hadn't thought that, that moment was the perfect time, to show off, that he still 'had it', skill wise.

    In what, to me, seemed like slow motion, I watched him proudly strut through the dining room, mouse held firmly{and still squirming by the way}, right up to the foot support of the recliner my wife was contently resting upon. He sat there for a moment, I presumed, waiting for acknowledgment of his valiantly won battle. Turns out, He has no patience in this department, and decided he would forcefully get the attention he so desired. With a single bound he lept up and over our smaller dog and onto my wife's chest, trophy still hanging from his mouth.

    I'm still not sure to this day, if it was the weight of the duo landing on her that woke her, or the laughter I could not contain, but rest assured whichever it may have been, her eyes opened wider than what I had previously been led to believe was humanly impossible.

    Free cable couldn't offer better entertainment as far as I was concerned. I don't recall who flew higher into the air...the cat, the mouse, my wife, or the blanket. I had tears from laughing so hard. It was short lived though I'm afraid to say...the wife landed on her feet, much like a cat. Unfortunately this was one time our cat didn't land so graceful... Oh no, he just had to land on my back while I was bent over trying to control my hysterical snorting. He was not De-clawed by the way!

    In the end things worked out OK, the mouse came back to earth a nano-second before and directly under the blanket. I then somehow managed to entangle said mouse in said blanket, and defensively zigged and zagged my way through the violently thrown arms of my wife, who was acting as though it was all my fault, and made my way to the back door to terminate Mickey's life.
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    Sounds like an old episode of the Honeymooners
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    Great story Ken must have been a sight for sore eyes

    You should take up wrjting.:thumbup:

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    Home stories are the best. I'd paid to see that one Ken !
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Hawksford View Post
    Home stories are the best. I'd paid to see that one Ken !
    Agreed here!
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