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Thread: Time for me to harvest my walnut trees

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    Time for me to harvest my walnut trees

    Time for me to harvest my walnut trees --- time to go or let them just fall down.
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    THATS a bunch of chocolate Paul good thing you have a mill

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    Wow nice pile of walnut.

    A friend has a similar sized tree (but only one) that's coming down and looks to be MINE (muhahaha) but we're waiting for the sap to drop before we take it down. Closest mill I know of I can use is my cousins in Gold Beach which is a bit of a drive. May have to decide benefit vs chainsaw slabs...

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    Now THAT'S a wood haul. Nice looking stuff, Paul.
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    Hey Larry, you've got competition
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    nice bunch of logs paul,, one looks like it might make veneer??? dont sell them to the first bidder.. i heard of two logs going for 7k and 11k separately now they were exceptional logs but, a good walnut can easily bring 500 each plus.. and ryan wait for a mill, dont use a chainsaw on them you will waste to much.. seal it and cut it when you can get it to him or him to you..

    he has more!!! bob, but i just got 3 dandys,1-24"x17', and 2-20"x10' and 4 maples and got 5 red oak coming
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    Larry, you are undoubtedly correct - especially given my chainsaw skills I did split some cedar logs about the same size (~24" +-) in half a couple years ago, but walnut is a whole nuther critter for a number of reasons. Would give me a chance to go raid my cousins wood stash anyway (he's a small lumber dealer and gets some amazing maple and Oregon-myrtle mostly).

    Paul, questions - where abouts are you and why did you decide to harvest them at this time of year? I thought it would be better to do it in the fall after the sap dropped (less splits)? Also how big are those around? All I can tell from the pics is PRETTY BIG

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    I have a guy and his crew doing the cutting and moving with the limbs being cut in firewood lengths.
    The guy doing the cutting sells to very large walnut business - we are splitting the money 60% to me and 40% to him and am present when they are scaled and priced.
    I keep the smaller limb logs for my mill he is stacking and cutting for firewood. I am NOT fond of burning walnut -- seasoned it burns hot and fast with too much ash.

    This guy that is cutting, claims that the sap did not move up (or not like other years in the past) the trees this year.. ( I think that is bull) but he does this for a living.
    I am not able physically to do much cutting so I am happy to watch. Larry you may remember these large trees -- not easy to get to fall where you want them to - some up against my tractor sheds, some along the road with power lines, some near my barn, and some in a perfect position to smash my sawmill which I did not wish to move.. anything over 10K for my share I will happy with.

    We had 50 acres logged in the past few months -- white and black oak along with a few walnut -- made over 20k $$ but money is now all gone.. where I am not sure but I must of have had some fun.--New Jeep
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Gallian View Post is now all gone.. where I am not sure but I must of have had some fun.....
    Oooohhhh how that brings back memories of my youth
    Nice stash of lumber
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    Paul if they not all down by the time this post goes up, would you do this woodworker a favor. Pic a single tree and take pictures of the tree so we can see it up close and see the limbs. Then show what the guy cut out of it.

    I keep having difficulty understanding where these logs come from. I dont think i have knowingly seen a large mature walnut tree, but my problem is every time i envision wood being harvested i can only see it in the kind of cultivated forests where a tree goes up straight and well there is typically a single shaft of wood.

    Where are "straight" or straightish limbs in a tree like a walnut or for that matter several other species where the lengths are i dunno something that produces or will produce decent length boards given trimming of ends etc.

    Larry you feel free to do the same if you can do so and see this post.

    Kind of like I know what a chicken looks like, i know where my eggs come from etc.

    Now i would like to understand the hardwoods better than i do the softwoods. I mean who has not seen a christmas tree.

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