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Thread: Friday is now history...

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    Friday is now history...

    But the weekend it isn't..what's happening with you & yours?

    Me? Heading out to the Dream Cruise
    Then putting the final touches & finish on my box guitar
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    Work on our 1999 GMC Jimmy. Replace front brake pads and calipers along with the upper ball joints and the upper control arm bushings. Then I'll rebuild the carb on my leaf blower.

    Once thats done I'll start to mess with the plans I downloaded from for the slot mortiser, quick set tenon jig and the pantorouter.

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    Well a happy and sad weekend has finally arrived. Today we take our youngest son to Kingston. We going to friends there for the night and in the am tomorrow we drop him off at University to start his Football camp. Part of me is happy as can be and very proud at the same time and the other half of me is sad he will not be around any more. But its the circle of life and its time to see this bird fly on his own and make a flight path for himself now. I feel he is well equipped to be a good pilot the rest is up to him.

    Now i got to get the otherone airborne and that is proving more difficult that the Wright Brothers Challenge was. If it was as easy as building a plane dang it would have been done by now.

    Oh before i hit the road though i got to get under my Jeep and sort out some electrical problem with the 4WD system. Refused to let the dealers at it. This week i learnt to chaneg the differential oil in the two diffs front and rear and then changed the fancy stuff in the transfer case. Did not clear the fault. So i took it to the dealer to have them read the code and reset it. $59 bucks just to read code. I would not let them do anything else they scare me way too much. I got a OBD2 code reader but Chrysler has locked out people being able to read some of their more fancy proprietary stuff so you have to have a dealer do it with the Chrysler scan system. Makes me mad as can be when i am locked in. BUt it is what it is.
    Made enough savings so far to pay for several new tools. The service to the three elements would have totalled over $800 plus tax. I had a total cost of $170 and that included buying a set of large allen keys for $20 which i will use next time.
    Now with the aid of my full factory sevice manual i have the full factory step by step electrical diagnostic procedure to get to the source of the issue causing the code. Heck all you need is a test light and a multimeter to measure resistance in certain plugs. A kid could do it if they can read. Luckily its not a do or die kind of code its more the electronics in the vehicle complaining that it cannot tell what is up. The diff is working fine so is the change over from 4WD hi to lo etc.

    Nothing cheap about the cost of ownership on a car loaded with electronics and 4WD. Found out i was supposed to have changed the lub in the diffs every 25K Km I only done it once in 100K so i guess i cannot complain. But a classical case of gouging again is dealer wanted $35 for diff oil.....borg type auto store $23 per bottle. You may not think its big bucks but when you need 4 to do the service thats $48 that can pay for something else. Oh and you guys in the US well you pay $12 or 13 from your dealers for that same Moppar oil.

    Wish me luck.

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    Yep, Rob. My son's experience with two Jeeps was not a happy one. And don't be sad; they always come back and raid your fridge.

    I'm messing about with a minor home project, making some Christmas and birthday present stuff, taking my grand-niece golfing, going to church and being a generally good citizen. Nice quiet weekend.

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    Have a PB event later today, so spending a good part of the day getting ready for it. Planning on coming home and starting demo on the master bath and see if I can get the linen closet, some tile, and drywall removed. Tomorrow I'll gut out the shower and swap out the faucet. May try to set the new tub too.

    Oh and fit in some guitar practice each day too.

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    going out into the garage in 3 minutes and torturing myself, sanding, sanding, sanding, sanding, then some more sanding. all the doors are glued up and ready to be sanded and drilled out for hardware, not really seeing the light at the end of the tunnel yet, but getting that much closer.
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    well allen, every time i see that light at the end of the tunnel, it usually winds up being the oncoming train. i've got one more pen to turn, then some other project ideas, and tidying up a bit. tomorrow, fishing.
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    Rob, I feel your pain. I keep thinking I want another Cherokee, but then I remember what Jeep really stands for:


    No particular plans here for the weekend, I've been working on boxes, and generally puttering out in the shop. I'm going to my annual Lodge picnic tomorrow afternoon. Other than that, nothing much going on. Our house got a bit quieter yesterday though...
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    Adam went off to college yesterday. He's only about 30 miles from home, but the house sure feels emptier without him here. We still have Patrick though, and I'm looking forward to school starting and being around for his football season etc.

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    Still working on organizing the shop and building new stuff for it. Got my lumber rack sorted out today and got all my shorts sorted my species and stacked nicely in some bins.
    Going to have to spend time tomorrow to build me a square rack
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    Weekend long 40th reunion. in the bag.
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