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Thread: Had to check, but yup...It's Friday!

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    Had to check, but yup...It's Friday!

    I'm hoping to get my bathtub taken upstairs to test out the fit tonight. I still need to install a couple of nailers and figure out placement of a niche or two, but hopefully will have the concrete board up and may be tiling by Sunday.

    Going to play around with the guitar lessons some more and playing with some karaoke software and testing out a auto-tuner app for the halloween party.

    What's everyone else got going on?

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    Finally a weekend with no plans at all...hasn't happened since first week of July. Tonight a few cold ones on the patio and then lots of shop time this weekend. Have some work that needs to be done by next weekend. Finally have everything I need and will get it knocked out by weeks end hopefully.
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    Going to Clarks Hardwoods tomorrow and getting started on the horizontal slot mortising machine.
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    Picked up the select rough pine for the bed I'm making for the Dentist. Came to $108 for 60 bf. Will plane and rough size it tomorrow and then let it sit for a few days.

    One of my daughters made reservations for the wife and I at a real nice restaurant in the next town for tonight and prepaid our meal. She wanted to thank us for watching our newest grandchild while she was doing orientation at the hospital where she just got a job as a nurse. It was a pleasant surprise

    Probably just hang around the rest of the weekend and do yard work. Will also try and give tomatoes away to anyone who passes by the house. Got a million of them
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    Now I got a craving for tomato sandwiches!

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    Well I hit it lucky today. First time in my entire life i won something. Was at the local gas station, bought a bottle of injector cleaner for Lindas car and when i paid boom bells go off on the cashiers till like i am in Vegas So she say you won. Well suspicious old me i say yeah what? Thing another marketing ploy is ahead. Well i won 15000 points. So i ask what they work well she says ..$10 . So i said can i change the points to buy a lotto ticket for tonights millions $$ lotto sure she saya two tickets.

    So now i got to see if my luck is gonna last till the end of the day

    As to the weekend i am back at it painting i hate it but anything to keep my wife happy right now. Then moving...urgh.
    Enjoy your weekend all i wont see shop time for weeks and then only if i am lucky.

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    Spent almost three hours early this morning in the dentist's chair getting a root canal finished up. (Way too early. I haven't had to be somewhere at 6:30 AM in so long I can't remember. Heck, I usually don't even get up on work days until 8:30 or so.) After a nap I'm no worse for the wear, so I'm heading out in a bit to see a couple of musician buddies playing at a lounge downtown, then from there I'll probably go a few miles west and see a couple of other buddies playing at the Route 66 Casino.

    I'll be spending most of the weekend on the computer working on writing/editing projects, both work and non-work related. Probably spend some time Saturday visiting the grand opening of a new indoor shooting range. (Maybe I get some of Rob's luck and win one of the hourly drawings.) This is a new, larger, and more modern facility for the place where I'm a member, and it's only about a mile and a half from my apartment.
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    well i had a busy day, reworked the drive way then got some oak logs hauled up from over the hill, finished that around 6pm and then got a call that friend had some fresh meat for me so we got bear steak for the gatherun so carol can have some real meat if she likes and toni can have something that i am sure he never has had before either fresh road kill what more can one ask for
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    Started another cigar box style guitar the other day, plan on spending the weekend splitting time with it & plucking on the other
    Oh yeah, I have a couple of gate latches that need adjusting due to wood movement.
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    Cutting boards to be glued up, but I need to deal with a huge pile if clutter first thing tomorrow (sat).

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