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Thread: How would you do this

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    How would you do this

    I've been making some turkey pot calls and was looking for suggestions on how to cut the recess with a router. The wood is a 4" dia. circle that is 4/4 with a 1/8" recess around the lip for the top and then a 3/4" recess. The pedestal is 1/16 - 1/8 below the lip for the top. Here's a picture of one I messed up. Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	69961 I've been using the lathe and was looking for a quicker way with a little more accuracy. This would be perfect for a CNC, but alas I haven't hit the powerball yet!

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    John, you could build a circle cutting jig for you router to do it, but alignment would be critical. It might be easier to construct a device that would hold a trim router in the tool rest of you lathe. Then you could combine the two technologies and cut clean, accurate and perfect circular grooves. You shouldn 't need much more than a large dowel, sturdy flat board and a large enough hose clamp.

    The attached graphic is a bit crude, but it should give you enough go go by.
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    Don't think the router will be more accurate cutting than the lathe.

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    What about a circular template and a guide collar?
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    I agree a router with a guide will be more repeatable. I think Billy is on the right track. I hae a circle jig that mounts to the Router Table. With stops or a story mark, repeating the cuts chould be very doable.
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