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Thread: Information about The Villages in Florida

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    Information about The Villages in Florida

    A friend of mine and his wife are going to retire to The Villages about an hour outside Daytona. Does anyone have experience with the community? I looked on line and they have an 8,000 sq ft woodworking facility. Cost is $155 to join and dues of $55 a year. Overall, looks great. Also, does anyone know of other places like this around the country?

    Obviously, at age 65 I am thinking about moving back to my homeland after almost 40 years overseas.

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    Kyle, I know of two retired couples that have moved there. They all love it there. One of the couples say they play golf there most every day. I did not know of the woodworking shop though.
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    It is the largest such facility in the country. Arizona has some similar retirement communities.
    I'm sure it is not an inexpensive place to live. PM coming with other info.
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    Frank is right a number of the retirement communities in Arizona have common shops, my lunber supplier has a Flat bed he loads up with hardwood and BB ply and he makes the rounds of them once a week so they don't even have to go shopping.
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    Very warm in the summer.

    I am on the Space Coast and we get a little sea breeze.

    Compared to the East Coast, Central Florida is usually a few degrees warmer in the summer and a few degrees cooler in the winter.

    I would bet most winters Ocala gets a few mornings where you can see frost or even ice on the ground.

    On the coast (Melbourne, Fl ) frost is rare and real ice is very rare. Both do happen but not very often.

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    I have a Golf buddy who loves it there. I "winter" on the West coast of FL, but The Villages is/are huge - could be a state within a state. I am sure they have everything most retirees could want.

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