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Thread: Help me spend my few $$

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    Help me spend my few $$

    Well, after a lot of mulling over what I want/need a lathe for I am going to be picking up a Rikon midi and stand this next week. I am picking up the HF chisle set today but I am wondering what else I will need to get for this rascal. Initially I will be turning spindles but I know pens, pepper mills and bowls are in the future.

    I am thinking I will need a chuck, but I dont know which one?

    What else would be needed to get me going? I know it comes with an 8in tool rest but are there any other accessories that will be handy? Centers? Mounting plates?


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    Got a grinder?

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    Make sure you get a face shield...

    Here's a tool sharpening set to consider...

    The Baraccuda chuck comes with 4 jaws...
    Amazon's price is cheaper than Penn State's (PSI).

    Good luck, and congrats on the new lathe.

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    Greg, great minds think alike... was looking at the barracuda this morning. Might be able to get the 20%off... will probably try to order it this afternoon after I get done wrestling with my dovetail jig. I already have a face shield. I was going to try to hold off getting a grinder setup for a while and get buy with my stones and a slipstone.

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    I agree with the grinder and some sort of sharpening unit.

    Oh, you also will "NEED" a chainsaw, and a way to haul the wood you are finding all the time
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    Richard Smith Guest
    I was in my local Menards the other day. (Some of you may not know but Menards is just another box store like Lowes.)They had that same Midi lathe(how many versions of that are there?)for $127.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brent Grooms View Post
    ...I was going to try to hold off getting a grinder setup for a while and get buy with my stones and a slipstone.
    When you do decide to go with a grinding jig, I can vouch for the Penn State model that Greg linked to. I have one, and it's worked great for me, at a decent savings compared to the Wolverine jig it copies. Of course, you can make the equivalent out of wood or steel yourself, too.
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    Well the Barracuda isnt available for the PTA2OOFF promotion so its going on the back burner for now. I did manage to get the HF chisles yesterday. On one of the forums where I sumitted the OP, someone mentioned getting the red handled ones vs the natural handles. Dont know if it makes a difference but the gouges had a smoother (more radiused) contour to the original grind.

    There are a lot of options out there and it can get a little overwhelming. I still have my first "bowl" and my mother still has the Lamp that I turned in highschool. My excuse for getting a lathe is that I have a paying project that needs a turned handle. Then there is turning a handle for my emmert to replace the aluminum one.

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