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Thread: Rear Wall Clearance for porch swing

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    Rear Wall Clearance for porch swing

    Have seen some great wooking projects on this site. I need help with determining how far from the rear wall to place the 8 foot high chain pivot point so a porch swing will not strike the wall. Can someone who has a swing measure what I should allow. Rather than building a swing, my task is coming up with a support system that will be cantileveled off the roof load bearing side wall using the tail piece of the truss for the 12 inch soffit. Hence, I'd like to keep the distance from the wall to a minimun for the swing load moment arm effect but don't want to be striking the wall. Thanks for your help!

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    Matt, first welcome to the Family. I wish I had an answer for you, but someone will come along soon enough to help you out.
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    It's probably going to depend on who's using the swing.

    If it's Grandma, then 6~8 inches will likely do it.

    If it's the Grandkids, then 6 FEET won't be enough!
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    Guess I'll need to find one that I can test and record some measurements.

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