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    Special Order

    At the last Craft Fair I was in I got an order of 30 Bird Houses. Took forever but they are done. Along with 10 others that I needed to resupply my Fair kit with. I do hope I don't have to make any for awhile. The picture has only the 30, my wife put the others away already. I wish I could get more shop time so I could get these done faster. Dang work gets in the way of all my fun.

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    Great looking houses Dennis. I just finished about 100 or more of those and 25 or 30 of the bulb ornaments. I will be posting some of those.
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    That's great about the order Dennis! I understand completely about not wanting to turn anymore for awhile too!
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    Nice work, Dennis. I was gonna say...if you get tired of making these you can just buy some from Bernie. He LOVES to make 'em.
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    coolness unto itself dennis! hopefully this order will generate more orders for you! it's that whole word of mouth thing....
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    They look great, Dennis! I too understand wanting a break from them. I love getting fairly large orders, but only until I get about 10 done, then it becomes more like "work" and I am glad to finish.
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    Well i told Bernie it was to early for these,so that's my story and i'm sticking to it. Good job man.

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    You don't live on Alcatraz, so we cannot call you the "Birdman of Alcatraz." Guess you can be the "Birdman of Whatever you Desire."

    Now you get to put your mind to a good catchy name for yourself.


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    Thanks guys. The wife and I took off for a couple days and I may have found a place to try to sell a few more. We went to a small town and they have started what they call first Friday which is a farmers market with arts and crafts thrown in. They have just started so it may not survive to next year. I'm thinking a handfull of small items might do OK and you can get some vacation time in. It's in the mountains so it would get us out of the heat.

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    Congrats on the order. And, very nice, all of them.
    Where do you get your little birdies?
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