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Thread: 1950's Car Quiz

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    1950's Car Quiz

    Alright you young & older whipper-snappers, let's see how you do.

    Be honest with cheating. See how you do.

    The average score is 73%, I scored a 96%

    This will really rattle the cobwebs in the 'ol brain.
    Jesus was a Woodworker

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    100%, I was a Chevy hot rod fan and owner.
    Making saw dust in SW Louisiana

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    Must be too early in the AM. My brain is foggy. Only74%
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    After about 1965, all cars were becoming less distinctive, but the earlier ones had more "character."
    Jim D.
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    I got 69%. I'm the farthest thing from a car guy!
    Bill Arnold
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    60% / 29 correct.

    And practically everyone was a guess. Though I did see "Sarge" from the movie Cars in there. But on the other hand I messed up on the "Hudson Hornet" question, so Cars failed me there.

    oh well...
    There's usually more than one way to do it... ........

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    I went ahead and took the quiz just to make the rest of you guys feel good about yourselves.

    I got 50%...something something blind squirrels and nuts and all that.
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    And I thought I was a car guy. Only scored 69%. And the sad part is we had a few of those that I missed when I was a kid!
    Billy B.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vaughn McMillan View Post
    .....I got 50%...something something blind squirrels and nuts and all that.
    & to think, I live just outside the Motor City...42%... I believe my squirrel stepped on his...
    The perception of perfection is perfectly clear to everyone else

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    I got 100 %. Those are always fun, to jog the memories.
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