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Thread: Dealing with problems (work related)

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    Dealing with problems (work related)

    I finished a table (fruitwood) @ delivery a very small nick was made int eh top I touched it up but the customer or one of his kids picked at it with a finger nail or KNIFE and opened the nick back up and made it bigger. The customer delivered half the table and wanted it taken care of. Jarrod stripped the table while I was gone last week. Now my problem. The customer delivered a chair with the top for color matching.

    Boy for a Surgeon he sure is a smart one. I left a message : if you want a perfect match I need both half's.

    waiting on the customer.

    Every once is a blue moon I get to redo something. So It doesn't bother me , it's not that often. It's the customers that have no clue.
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    The fact that our customers have no clue, regardless of our line of work, is why we have jobs . . . . at least that's what I keep telling myself. Been telling myself that for 30 years now. Sounds like you've got the right outlook. We do our best and try to make folks happy, eh
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    Hi guys.
    Not wanting to be picky but do not forget that manytimes we are uninformed customers as well, and we rely on the guy who is in front of us trying to help us as much as we try to help our customers.
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    "Boy for a Surgeon he sure is a smart one."
    I seldom and I bet most of his "customers" seldom forget to bring their other kidney for him to check one against the other! Just being a smart aleck Dave.

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