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Thread: Your Thoughts and Prayers, Please - Update

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    Your Thoughts and Prayers, Please - Update

    Tomorrow, Thursday 9/13 (at least it isn't Friday the 13th! ), I'll have cataract surgery on my right eye. LOML is taking off work to take me and get me back home from surgery. She'll take me for the follow-up on Friday morning. Then, next week, Thursday 9/20, the left eye will be done. The surgery seems to be fairly simple, really. The worst part of the process will be staying inside for a few days for the healing! I know the surgery isn't a big deal any more, but they insisted I bring a copy of my Living Will with me!?!?!?!
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    well bill, they are getting pretty close to your brain and if they made a miscut you might end up like me
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    You got it Bill, when my mom had it done she ended up with 20/15 vision.
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    My mom and dad both went thru the surgery and it was a breeze. They didn't ask them to bring the living will though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by larry merlau View Post
    well bill, they are getting pretty close to your brain and if they made a miscut you might end up like me
    I met you in person, that wouldnt be a bad thing.

    speedy recovery bill. good vibes headed your way from up north.
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    Sure thing. You're going to enjoy it once it's over, everyone I know that has had it done wish they could have done it sooner.

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    you got 'em bill. my dad was in and out in under 10 minutes each time he had his done. he jokes about 2 things, having to have the grand tour done before the first one, and that it took longer to take his shirt off before, and putting it back on after the surgery.
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    My mother in law just had it done. She is 87 and it only took a few days before she was feeling and seeing great.

    We will be thinking about you.
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    Coming your way Bill, I just had me left eye done three weeks ago and believe me it's nothing to worry about, Now that both have been done I no longer need my glasses, and I am going on77, and glad that I did it. Like Dan said about a fifteen minute proceedure for me.

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    You are going to love it.

    I have been in on several hundred cataract surgeries. With today's equipment, Inter Ocular Lenses, techniques, etc., even a mediocre surgeon can do a great surgery. I know it is your EYES and that is spooky. However, it is a very safe and predictable surgery.

    Definitely against doctors orders, but there was one patient who left the surgery, had a bite to eat and went to play golf.

    Of course you have to realize dedicated golfers are a little strange between the ears.

    Enjoy your new vision,

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