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Thread: Basset Hound Tree House

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    Basset Hound Tree House

    To say my dog is spoiled is an understatement. You must consider that he has his own recliner, has a new dog kennel and now his own tree house.

    As a Basset Hound, my dog Kenworth loves to get on top of his dog house and bark and bay at just about anything. So I figured since he likes to get up high, he would love to have a tree house where he could get up even higher into the air.

    Here is a picture of Kenworth looking out across the valley on top of his new tree house. Its only six feet off the ground, but so far he just loves it. Even though he has full access to the house via a dog door, he spent most of the afternoon lying on top of his tree house enjoying the afternoon sun and breeze.

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    Don't let my dogs see this!!! They're trying to figure out a way to get the squirrells up in the pecan trees! Jim.
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    Looks good. I wonder if, in a little time, Kenworth will do what both my children and grandchildren did when I built them elevated houses (I built 4 altogether). They were happy with the open skies for a while but then they thought things would be even better if I built a roof for them. By the way, I never did build a roof on any of the structures.
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    It seems Kenworth really enjoys his tree-house. It's amazing what we do for our extended family members...

    I think now you should extend it and put a roof over half of it... Kenworth will have the best of both worlds then and will be able to enjoy it even while it's raining...


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    This is not Kenworth's first tree house. I recently rebuilt his kennel because his old one was getting kind of crappy and I was afraid it would fall down. It had been up for about 10 years.

    Unlike this one, it had a roof over it which was nice, but when its raining, Kenworth typicaly takes a retreat in the house where it is warm and dry.

    This is a picture of the old tree house, his old kennel and the dog walk that lead from the house to the kennel. It was covered because here in Maine we get a lot of snow and I did not want to shovel the dog walk out. As you can see though, the kennel was getting kind of old and crappy in this picture.

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