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    Well Michael I saw yours and just had to try it. Mine has some walnut inserts in it and is finished for now with Watco Teak Oil. It actually turned pretty nice. Does dull tools pretty quick. It is 5 3/4" across and 5 1/4" tall. The walls are 1/4". Actually the contractor who is a good friend of mine was working across the street came over. We got to talking and he bet me I couldn't turn plywood. So I went today and collected my 2 bottles of $50 wine.
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    Bernie W.

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    WOW Bernie! Nice job, and people say ya can't make anything good with plywood. And I can't think of a better prize for a bet like this! Enjoy the grape juice....... In fact, have a glass for me since I inspired you (well sorta').


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    Bernie, that is worthy of two $50 bottles of wine!

    I'd love to try that, but, it have real trouble finding void free plywood here...?

    I WILL keep looking!
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    These plywood bowls you guys have made are soooooo very interesting. Who would have thought.... I love the contrasting colors it makes. Nice job!!!!

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