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Thread: Back after 17 days away...

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    Back after 17 days away...

    On August 26 we flew out to Victoria, BC, and on to Duncan, where my younger son was to be married on September 1. We had a great week of sightseeing and dining with my son's new in-laws, and a quite wonderful marriage ceremony - outdoors on a perfect day, the groom's party in kilts in honour of our Scottish heritage, and amazing food and a great reception.

    Four days after the wedding, we went to Vancouver and got on a Holland-America ship for an Alaskan cruise. The weather was cold and rainy (Hey, it's Alaska!) but we couldn't have asked for better accomodations or service than we got on the ship. The people of Alaska were friendly and fun, and we enjoyed the sights in spite of the weather. We got home last night and we're still a bit aglow from the experience.

    I have now visted 25 states, plus DC. I have some work cut out to do the other 25 before I die. I've done all ten Canadian provinces, but have yet to do the territories. I didn't do any woodworking, but I did look at some of the downed redwoods and think, "Now, if I had a sawmill, I'd have outdoor furniture stock for the rest of my life, and my grandchildrens'."

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    yeah alaska is one beautiful state roger,, saw it fro land and sea some,, wanted to go back and might yet one day..the people i met there were a mix of everything but one thing that stood out was they were tired of the city life and its stress they moved there to do it there way and be relaxed,, alot of artist in there as well..many great memories from there..
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    sounds like the trip of a lifetime glad you're back.

    I've been to every state except alaska and oregon I think. Alaska is on the top of my bucket list.
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    Sounds like a wonderful trip all around. Glad all went well and you are back safe. Fun, fun, fun.
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