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Thread: estate sale

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    estate sale

    Saturday I am going to the estate sale of a cabinet maker. There are a couple of things that interest me. There is a Mini Max S45 bandsaw, an Atlas floor drill press and a Rockwell 32" radial drill press. From the reading that I have done it looks like the bandsaw is an upper end homework shop saw. Does anybody have any experiance with this bandsaw? Now the drill press question. The Altlas bandsaw looks to be very old which doesn't bother me as long as the bearings and quill are tight. Between the two drill presses which would you favor? I can see some pluses and minuses on both of them. Oh they also have clamps so will try and get some of those.

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    i have used its bigger brother a mm16 and the s45 is a good saw ,, check out new price and go no more than half,also find out how old it is because that would lower the price some.. atlas drill press if its tight would be good tool, radial to me is not necessary. i heard of a older s45 going for around 600 dollars .
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    The S45 is an 18 inch saw made by MiniMax, in various versions since the 1980s. In contrast Centauro makes the MM line of bandsaws for MiniMax.

    The S45 has a good reputation, but is much lighter than the MM line. The resaw height is 12 inches, the blade size is 1/8" to 1". The unit weighs 390 pounds with a 2.5 hp motor. This saw has urethane tires, which may suggest crown tires (like most hobby bandsaws), rather than flat hard rubber industrial tires on most or all of the MM saws. The new price is about $2400.

    Hope that helps.
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