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Thread: Not long to go Bluenose 2 due to be re-launched

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    Not long to go Bluenose 2 due to be re-launched

    For those that like following wooden ships the rebuilt Bluenose 2 is due to go in the water this month.
    read the launch event process here


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    Thanks for the heads up Rob.
    In May we were in Lunenberg and got a chance to see the Bluenose being worked on.
    Quite the little boat.... Seeing the craftsmanship up close was a real treat.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I remember the launch of the Bluenose II. Do you know that 'Bluenose' is a jocular nickname for a Nova Scotian? Also, I believe, a strain of NS potatos.

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    When I was in Lunenberg earlier this month I was told the term "Blue Nose" was given to the sailors because they used to wipe their runny noses on their sleeves. Since they worn Peacoats the dye would stain their noses blue.

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    I was there a few weeks ago with my son. What a beautiful thing she is, lying there in her cradle all painted up, one of our national treasures. I think the plan is for a careful launch, as opposed to the "cut her loose" variety. The rigging process over the following weeks will be interesting to watch as well.

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