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Thread: 1957 Pontiac Chieftian

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    1957 Pontiac Chieftian

    By Bart Leetch 03/28/02

    Little Chieftian where are you now?
    I Had a classy Chassis from my front fender ornaments to my tail lights Which is all most cars saw.
    Ah yes gray & white with six stars count'em what a sight, was I fast well I was never last 227 V8 rev'd to the max 60 in low 90 in second 140 in third. Hottest car in town very likely could have made the cops frown, I never raced in town. On the way home from Salmon Creek Hill look out ford what a thrill, sneak up on my back fender but you can't catch me I'm hot tonight lead foot Ma Ma is at the wheel & I'm ready to fight. I left the Ford way behind & out'a sight. Fun to drive even on a back road no one in sight, oh my look at that speedo wrapped around tight. Late one evening with lead foot Ma Ma at the wheel we showed on old road hog from Tillamook the deal he had hogged the road for many a mile. When we went by him we did it fast & in high style.
    Ya I was a hot little Chieftian, The grown man that was a little boy in my back seat remembers me well & eating onion tip's shhhh we'll never tell.
    "Forget the flat stuff slap something on the spinny thing and lets go, we're burning daylight" Bart Leetch
    "If it ain't round you may be a knuckle dragger""Turners drag their nuckles too, they just do it at a higher RPM"Bart

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    I was always a Chevy man myself, but I remember my BIL having a '57 Chieftan... his was Maroon and White... I remember the sliding bar on his did move quick across the dash and he buried it on the right a number of times... when he had it he was already married with one child (he two more later), sometimes not always quite the soberest driver on the road, but often after the dance was over, my sister would drive home... BIL liked to show off, but Sister was a little more cautious, until one night some guy got to messing with her on the way home... she choked him off really quick with road dust...
    Tellico Plains, TN
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