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Thread: Thicknesser problems

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    Thicknesser problems

    Hi All, i have just purchased a "carbi-tec" 15 inch thicknesser ( second hand ) It seems to run very well, but after a few minutes use, the thicknesser cuts out, it doesn't seem to matter if its under load or just running in between passes. After a couple of minutes, i press the start button and off it goes again - I don't have a lot of patience at the best of times, so getting just a little annoyed as to why this is happening - so i will leave the floor open to the members, any ideas guys .. please ??

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    Circuit breaker of thermal overload on the motor(?). Is the motor or power cord hot to the touch? I see a 15amp 240v circuit recommended. Is your outlet provisioned correctly; wire gauge, outlet, etc.? All just things to check. It is still sold so a manual should be available. HTH.
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    I was going to reply to this Thread. However, Glenn seems to have touched all of the bases.


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    It may just be an oversensitive overload/overheat protection cut-off switch. This happened on my Grizzly planer when I first got it. It was a new modle. Griz folks replaced it and have since changed the switch.
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    Thanks guys for the advice, the work shop has just been wired by an electrician (about a week ago ) and the thicknesser is plugged into a 15am 240v outlet, will have to get him back to check it out, had a look myself, but really, i don't know who I'm kidding, i have NO idea what I'm looking for !!!

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