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Thread: Spalted Cherry Panel (work in progress)

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    Spalted Cherry Panel (work in progress)

    I missed out on a pretty good deal for an older Delta 6" jointer this past week and was feeling kinda down about it...thought I'd try my hand at doing it by hand. These two cherry slabs were cut by the chainsaw a few months ago and I thought they'd make a pretty panel together. They were pretty cupped and a bit twisted so I couldn't see resawing them. I wasn't sure how sharp the planes were either as it had been some time since I used them but both of my smoothers were still mighty sharp! I got one side the thickness I want and the other side is close but once that is a bit closer it will be ready for glue up after I trim the ends square on the table saw. No idea what I'll use this for either, but it's been fun! The second pic shows what the second slab's thickness looked like just before I started on it.
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    i can see the signs of healing jeff i think we can get you completely rehabilitated if you will just continue on this new regime
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    Looking good there sir, and when you use a plane, there's no limit to the width of the board you can flatten...
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