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Thread: Take advantage of this deal

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    Take advantage of this deal

    I ordered this (now only $14.95) shelf price on this book at the back is over $50 Cdn.,43047&ap=1

    finishing book when it first went on sale. Only got to pick it up last night on way to airport. Gotta say with the special offer LV has on free shipping, adding this to your basket will be well worth it.

    Just looking through it and it certainly is gonna help me.

    BTW the author is Jeff Jewitt of Homestead finishing

    Jeff sells the book for $39.95


    So LV is a real bargain. That is if you need help on finishing.
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    very good book to those looking for a book on finishing..
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    Jeff is a freakin' rock star when it comes to finishing. Watching him work is almost creepy he does it with such ease. Not to take away from Michael Dersdner, Peter Gedry's and others functioning at their level. Humbling.
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    That will help you out Rob.
    Book knowledge is one thing but everything needs testing just because of all the variables that come with refinishing a previously finished piece of furniture.
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    I think I have that one in my collection somewhere...need to find it...agree that it is a good book.

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