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Thread: Sweat but no tears or blood_Bradley n Bradley

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    Sweat but no tears or blood_Bradley n Bradley

    Glenn was down from early Sat a.m. through mid-Sun p.m.

    Glenn worked on a birdhouse then did some uninteresting things AND THEN we got to move Myrna's HEAVY oak desk out of the house and into Glenn's truck. This is a beautiful oak desk that Myrna has used for years to do office and household books. Somehow she seems to think that she is entitled to retiring also. Anyway, Glenn got the desk he has been wanting. So far so good.

    Well the getting it out of the house wasn't so good. There were two ways out of the room containing a 29 1/4 inch (plus feet) high desk. Each way out was through a door a scant 20 1/2 inches wide. There was also a small problem; a 90 degree turn just out side of the door. See attached pics.

    We got up early to do this in the cool of the day. Of course we got interested in making bird houses and forgot all about the desk until it was a nice hot 2:00 p.m. (I lied a little. There should not be an "s" on bird house.) In order to secure the desk for travel it had to be strapped down in Glenn's truck bed which as a shell over it. And, of course, some one small had to crawl into the truck (which is in full sun) to secure the part of the desk nearest the cab. Well, you can't quite classify Glenn as small so guess who got to crawl into the sauna and do the tie-down on that end...I mean that is cruelty to a scrawny hundred old personage.

    Anyway, pics show that we did get the desk out of the room, around the corner and out into the front room. I guess the rest did not happen because there are no pics of that.

    Enjoy and be glad you were not here to help,

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    I'm glad I wasn't there to have to move it, but if I was anywhere close by I'd have come in a heart beat to help out. Hope it's easier getting out of the truck and into Glenn's house.

    So how did the bird houses turn out?

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    C'mon Jim, it looks like there was plenty of room to get that through the doorway. You've got at least 1/100th of an inch on either side.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darren Wright View Post
    So how did the bird houses turn out?
    You guys who do spinny work make it look so easy. I spent a few HOURS making the lower portion of an acorn-style birdhouse ornament about 2-3/8" in diameter and 4" long. It is many times the size that one would normally make such a thing but, the scale made it easier and I learned a lot. The next ones will go much quicker I am sure.
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