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Thread: odd packet in saturday's mail....

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    odd packet in saturday's mail....

    i was going to check the mail on sunday, but was too tired from running around with the wife , and finishing up the pepper mills. checked it after i dropped her off at school, and there was this odd packet from some place in michigan. the writing on the packet was entirely too good, so i figure someone's wife must have done the honors. after giving it a cat scan (the neighbor's cat was definitely not impressed), giving it a good shaking, holding it up to a light (note to ambassador, if checking this way, make sure envelope is between you and the light bulb, damhikt), and several other tests, i decided it was safe to open. sure enough there was something in the envelope, along with a note. after deciphering the chicken scratches/hieroglyphics, it turns out to be a nice note from the ambassador. all i can say is thankee kindly ol son! oh, there are pics of the something.
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    Very nice Dan. You did attend via cyberspace.

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    A big thanks to Larry! Sharon and I got one each too. That was very nice of you Larry. I truly wished we would have been able to attend in person, but this has been a big year vacation time wise and things just didn't play out.

    Thanks Larry!
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    Now, isn't that a co-ink-e-dink. I got one just like it!

    Thanks guys! I really wish I could have been there. It was really disappointing not to be. Thanks for the memento! At least I was there in spirit (video).
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    I got one today too...I am planning to make somewhat due this weekend and hopefully get a CBG lesson from Jay in person.

    Thanks Larry!

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    I also got one and want to say THANK YOU Mr Ambassador it and the note meet alot to me. It is little things like this that makes him a TRUE Ambassador
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