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Thread: A bit of music from the past

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    A bit of music from the past

    this boy could play,,,

    Derek Trucks was born in Jacksonville, Florida in
    1979 and grew up around music as his uncle was one of the
    founding members of The Allman Brothers.

    Derek got his first guitar when he was nine and was touring
    with The Allman Brothers Band by the time he was twelve and already showed
    amazing talent on the slide guitar.

    Trucks started his own band in his teens which has experienced huge success
    around the world and now includes his wife Susan Tedeschi, in addition has become
    an official member of The Allman Brothers Band since 1999 and was the youngest musician
    in Rolling Stones "The 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time" released in 2003.

    Check out this video of Derek when he was just thirteen years old. Amazing!

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    That's good stuff right there.
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    He sure has talent
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    Not a kid anymore, but sure has talent.

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    Thanks for the music.


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