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Thread: Grizzly Sale Schedule?

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    Grizzly Sale Schedule?

    I think a lot of us get the sales flyers from Grizzly but, they don't seem to cover the things I am pondering. They have had occasional free shipping events and so forth but, I have never been able to figure out any kind of pattern. There may just not be any pattern and I don't think they honor sale prices if you "just missed one" like Lee Valley does. I thought I would tap the big-brains here in case anyone had any info, gut feel, crystal ball, etc. Whadda ya say; any specials coming up?
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    Oh boy Glenn you had me thinking you a brave man opening a door like this with our bunch

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    Their big summer sale just ended. I waited until the last day (Sunday, 23rd) to place an online order, only to find out the prices had gone back up. No one was there to answer the phones so I had to wait until the next morning to talk to them. They realized the error and honored the sales flyer price.
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