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Thread: A gentle reminder..

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    A gentle reminder..

    I got a gentle reminder last night to always always always use a brush and not your hand to clean off tool (and bench) surfaces.

    Was changing over my J/P and had the table up, guards away (as they must be during the flip) and there was a bit of chips left where the planer guard would set so I quickly brushed it off before setting it down.... and caught the tip on one finger on the end of a planer knife. Not real deep or serious but enough for a good reminder. I knew better to

    I think the next time I'm at HF I'll invest in a couple more brushes to hang in handy places around the shop.

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    Ryan, I bought one of those from HF and wish I had three more of them. They work well and can be used lots of places.

    Glad you didnt get hurt too bad.
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    Unfortunately I think many of us have had these "little" reminders about brushing shavings or sawdust away...Those tools cut so quickly and so efficiently.


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