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Thread: thankyou JB weld

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    thankyou JB weld

    I received my raffle prize today.
    A big thankyou to JB Weld company for being gracious enough to offer our site a nice raffle prize for our Spanish Tour de Wood 2012.

    While this site doesnt advertise for any products, I will be more than happy to post what I think of their various products once I need to use them.Click image for larger version. 

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    It was a good day for me, having won larrys raffle of 300 bf of walnut and cherry, then the JB weld raffle, then the local car dealership's offer of a new F-150, I didnt feel right entering macks raffle for the free pen, didnt want anyone who wasnt there to think the raffles were rigged.

    I would have preferred a black truck, but I can live with it.Click image for larger version. 

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    Human Test Dummy

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    ah man, ya know Im kidding around with ya all.

    I didnt win a truck , and I didnt score any wood for free.

    I did win the JB weld, and I would have loved to win the pen.

    Im just trying to get a laugh or two.

    been sick as a dog for the last few days, so it felt good to get a package in the mail, thanks again JB Weld.
    Human Test Dummy

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    Allen my friend, you are a HOOT

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    Had me wondering if you would go in half with me on a powerball ticket. I'd even go 60/40!
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    Atta boy Allen. If you are looking for some amusement, maybe you could do this...

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    There you go Allen......Use some of that JB Weld to glue your phone to the ground and just sit back and watch.
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    You will soon realize that the following happened a bazillion years ago.

    My best friend through HS and after WWII was Bob. His father had a lumberyard and Bob worked there quite a bit. Bob inhereted the Lumberyard; it sold lumber, cement, pavers, etc.NO TOOLS.

    Well Bob got the idea that selling tools, hardware, etc would be a great addition to the lumberyard. He had a huge steel prefab building put on the property and he put it all sorts of home, do-it-yourself stuff, including power tools. It was a large place; the size of a supermarket. I was totally flabbergasted, I had never seen so many goodies in one place.

    Anyway a few years later there was a new kind of epoxy (maybe something else similar) flooring that came out on the market. So Bob did the area around the "check-out" counter with this flooring. Right in front of the counter he glued (I'm pretty sure it was epoxy) a 50 cent piece to the floor. The staff was entertained for a few months by people trying to pick up the coin. The reactions were all of the way from trying to pick up the coin without anyone noticing (Remember you could buy a new, top line Chevrolet for less than $2,000 at that time. 50 cents was real money.) to calling out, "Hey. Someone dropped a coin."


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    JB Weld has saved the day on more than one occasion for me. Once out in the middle of nowhere a buddy of mine dropped his motorcycle at fairly low speed in a corner, nothing much but cosmetic damage, and a cracked side case, the one covering the clutch, and a nice leak of oil. Now way we were getting far like that. We went to a small general store, we were looking for a shop of some kind that could fix, some how the side cover, the guy in the store said he had JB Weld, and sure enough, we were able to fix the side cover and make it home, and in fact 4 years later when my buddy sold the bike it STILL had the JB welded side cover.
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    I have JB Weld in the shop just in anticipation of needing it. I have heard way too many rescue stories to not be prepared ;-). Congrats Allen and once again, sorry I didn't get out there to see you all.

    P.s. Get well soon.
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    jim, when our dad had his store, i did pretty much the same thing to him as a bet with one of the butchers. i told him that i was going to glue a half dollar to the floor, and told him exactly what pop would do (he would spot the coin, look to see if either of us was looking, then pick it up real sneaky, and put it in his pocket). well, after a little bit, as the butcher was grinding hamburger, and i was trimming up a case of lettuce (small store, big common back room), along comes pop, sees the coin, checks to see if we are looking his way (we were, but really sneaky), then he stooped down to tie his shoe (right by the coin), after he retied his shoe, he tried to lift the coin. when we heard him scrabbling with it, we both yelled gotcha! the butcher paid me the dollar, and we explained the bet, and how i won, knowing pop as i do. we all had a good laugh about it.
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