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Thread: Price of an older Delta 28-280 Bandsaw ?

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    Price of an older Delta 28-280 Bandsaw ?

    I have found an older Delta 28-280 bandsaw with the enclosed bottom. The owner says it is in good shape. Wonder how much it would be worth ????

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    The 28-206 took its place and I believe that model is also discontinued. At any rate the 28-206 was going for about $475 on Amazon 4-5 years ago but optimistically retailed for around $1000 (not anywhere near worth that IMHO). If it is the 1HP version and is in good working condition, I would probably pay $200-$300 based on my area and an inspection of the machine. You could scout Craig's list or other sources for your area for 1HP, 14" cast iron saws; Jet, Powermatic, Delta and Grizzly for example Bear in mind that the Grizzly G0555X that people seem to love is $795 brand new. It is a step up from the Deltas of that era with refined guides, 1-1/2HP and other things that we now expect in a mid-level home-shop CI saw.

    Here's a review that may help:
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    I had one for about fifteen years. I believe mine had casting date of 1963 on the back of the harp. I sold it last year for $250.00 on craigslist. Sold very fast thinking should of asked more. Was great saw and looking at the new ones at the time I bought it. They (Delta) didn't really change much. Hope it helps.
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