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Thread: Hollow Chisel Mortiser 1st use.

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    Hollow Chisel Mortiser 1st use.

    This was my first time using my new shop fox hollow chisel mortiser. Well the thing bit me !! Well the chisel bit me while i was installing it Well as i fumbled around for the First Aid kit I noticed the plastic cover for the bit. Is this to be installed on the bit while you install it. Where were you guys on that one Well I figured out that those chisels are really sharp the hard way.


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    lesson learned .........tooling weather power or hand is generally sharp and testing said tools edge quality with body parts can be painfull...
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    Mine first experience with the mortiser was similar. Now I keep a glove nearby and a piece of scrap wood to hold under the chisel while I'm fitting it to the machine.
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    Like a hot potato handling those things

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