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Thread: disposing of all my scrap plywood

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    disposing of all my scrap plywood

    now that Ive finished all the drawers, I decided its time to stop saving all those 8x10, 10x12, 12x14 etc....small pieces of 1/4 plywood.
    I kept enough in case I need some box bottoms, but sooner or later its time to purge.
    I was looking over the internet the other day, good idea, cut all the little pieces into lawn art pieces.
    Halloween is right around the corner, so I cut up a bunch, made ghosts for the lawn, used all the tied up 2x4 small pieces that was going into the trash for stakes.
    I only have white outdoor paint, so they are all going to be ghosts.

    heres one to give an example, better than tossing it all into the trash.
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    Great looking project Allen. Well done.
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    Ha! I love it!
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    That's great !!!!!!
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    Nice, always looking for ways to use up scraps.

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    Great use of scraps Allen, I may have to "borrow" this idea with our halloween party coming up.

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    That's a cool idea, Allen.
    Billy B.

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