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Thread: Got a package today !!!!!!!!!!

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    Got a package today !!!!!!!!!!

    While I was waiting for my grand daughter at the bus stop today the mailman stopped and let me know that she left a package by my mailbox. My wife hates spending money() so I know she didn't order anything. I haven't placed any orders for anything lately

    My grand daughter picked it up and asked me who Jim Delaney from Ohio was.

    The generosity of the members here never ceases to amaze me.

    Thank you Jim. I promise that I will unplug a few of my power tools and learn (or re-learn what my Jr. High shop teacher taught me) how to use, care and sharpen it.

    I don't know much about this type of plane but I do know that I'm very grateful. Thank you.
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    Now that is the kind of package you like to come home to have fun with it and good on you for sending it Jim yep things like this is what makes this forum so dang special

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    Good on you Jim and good For you Bob
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    Wow that's in great shape. Very generous and cool

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    Well... Yeah, it's my plane, but it actually came via the Ambassador. I left several planes at his house after the recent get-together, and told Larry to dole them out (or even keep them) as he saw fit.

    That's a pretty good little plane, Bob. The knob and tote are cherry - made by me - and the sole is flat, and the blade sharp. It did see some use at Larry's, so it might need a 'touch up' sharpening, though.

    Enjoy it!
    Jim D.
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    When I saw the shapely cherry parts I thought maybe you made them Jim. Nicely done, sir. And Bob, good luck with it. I hope you get hooked on hand planing.
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    Yep, Jim D is a good guy.
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    I thought they may have been hand made but wasn't quite sure. They fit my hands perfectly.
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    they fit mine to bob, so i was pretty sure they would fit yours
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    Now that's some generosity. Nice looking plane, and you know if it came from Jim it's going to be well fettled...
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