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Thread: The Phoenix.............

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    Tokyo Japan

    The Phoenix.............

    Well, some of you might know that I'm looking for a little brother for Big Blue, my resaw bandsaw. I'd love to get a nice 14" unit, but, they are a bit pricey over here in Japan. I've been looking for good used one, for a couple of years and have yet to find one.....

    Well, we all remember Steve Clardy's bad day, when his shop roof collapsed, and the rebuild, well, the one piece of equipment that took a major hit was his 14" bandsaw........

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	old_bandsaw_pic1.jpg 
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Name:	old_bandsaw_pic2.jpg 
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    I contacted Steve, to see if the wheels and other parts had survived, and they had!

    We talked it over, and in the end, he sent me the parts, that I thought I could use, but that were not too heavy, I'd have loved to get the table, but that chunk of cast iron would have made the shipping stupid.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	steves_bandsaw_parts.jpg 
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    Steve had the great idea of busting out the bottom casting to send me the part that holds the bearings and shaft for the bottom wheel, I'll have to do some fabricating, but I should be able to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear in this case

    The parts there I could identify, but there was this one bit I have no idea what the the heck is could be for.............

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Bailey_61_ls.jpg 
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Name:	Bailey_61_rs.jpg 
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    How do you work this into a bandsaw............???

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Bailey_61_sole.jpg 
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Name:	Bailey_61_top.jpg 
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    Well to top off the generosity that Steve showed me for "GIVING" me the parts (I paid him the shipping, no way was I going to let him spend his hard earned money!) he gave me this good old #61 plane, and it is in good shape, a little work and it will be making shavings with the rest of the family................

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	new_family_member.jpg 
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    Yep, fits right in don't it

    Thanks Steve, you are one heck of a nice guy

    While I surely do not wish the kind of trouble that befell Steve and family with the roof collapse, the rebuild, the MASSIVE generosity of the woodworking community, makes you look to the bright side of things.

    OK, now I have to get some 3" thick walled square tubing to weld up a frame for the new bandsaw!

    I'll be needing some pics and or advice on a few things, so you guys with 14" Delta, or Delta clone bandsaws, have your digi cameras ready please

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    This should be a really neat project, Stu. I'll look forward to the development of the "PHOENIX", for sure. Probably the hardest/most critical part of the construction will be the alignment of the upper guidepost rod so the guides stay true in relation to the blade for the full range of travel of the guidepost, and also making sure you have adequate means to move/adjust the bottom arbor shaft in the left/right and up/down tilt positions to get the wheels coplaner. I'll bet you can get 'er done though. On the Guidepost, if you can incorporate "Adjustment bolts", (like the higher end bandsaws have), it would be a real plus and better than most, (if not all) 14" bandsaws on the market.

    Good luck with the project, we'll all be standing by to see the pictures.

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    cool! a diy bandsaw........follow the lead of the italians to build a sturdy welded steel frame, they`ve got it down to a science.....let me know if you want pics? tod
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    This should be good. A made in Japan BS. Made from bits and pieces from a broken BS shipped half way around the world.

    Isn't that extra thingy that came with it supposed to mount on the table and finish joint the edge as it passes the BS blade?

    I just have one question Stu. On top of which piece of equipment are you going to mount this new BS? As I recall the "dungeon" is somewhat lacking in floor space. Or have you "added on" and not told us?

    Whatever the case I'm looking forward to this. Do we get to name the new BS? You know, like Rikon, Laguna, MM, Aggazani? I kinda like the sound of "STUART". Or how about a "STUART/CLARDY"? I've got a "STUART/CLARDY" bandsaw. It's got a ring to it.


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    Yep, should

    I will be going with a welded steel frame, my forge for casting Iron is off line at the moment

    I can get 5 cm x 5 cm square tube, the stuff they use for building buildings, it is THICK walled, at least as thick walled as the frame on Big Blue, that will be just about 2" x 2" square, should I go for larger

    Big Blue's frame

    I figure I'll copy the basic frame of Big Blue, as it is a welded steel frame as well, but any and all pics of Welded Steel Frame bandsaws will be appreciated

    On the bottom end, I think I'll be building a couple of "U" shaped pieces of plate, that will be mated with the cast bearing housing from the original saw, and then that to another plate, this plate will have four slots in it, this will allow me to move the bottom wheel in and out from the frame, to easily get the two wheels coplanar. The top wheel, I'll fabricate a housing to go around the stock bearing and tilt mechanism that Steve sent.

    Where will the Phoenix go? Well, I figure right beside Big Blue, so Kermit will be moved over beside the Bat Cave door, the cabinet there can be trashed, and the stuff in it moved around. Kermit does not need DC, really while the Phoenix will for sure.

    One thing I could use, soon, is the distance between the upper and lower shafts, so I can get an idea of the distance between the two wheels, I don't want to get myself into a "custom" sizing problem with the blades..........

    Hmmm...... while I think of this, I could basically choose my blade length, and even my resaw height, I don't "NEED" a huge resaw height for resawing, with Big Blue, but for cutting some other stuff, I guess I could make it taller than the average bear...........

    Oh what fun!!
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    Way cool project... Looking forward to the progress report.
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    Very neat project and with an international flair. Looking forward to more pictures as you near completion. Congrats to both.

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    Steve Clardy Guest

    That was one fast barge coming over there is all I can say

    Shipping was to take 4-6 weeks, and Stu got it in 6 days

    Karl figured out what the plane was for Stu. Yes, it's supposed to mount on the outfeed and smooth those cuts

    Stu. Original blade length for that saw was 92.5
    An odd size. I'd suggest making it a standard size if you don't have someone there to weld blades up for you.
    Standard blade length for 14" saws is 93.5 I think.

    Well that project ought to keep you out of trouble for a while

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    Now this I am anxious to see too!

    Stu, I am sure others have a Delta 14" but I just bought one to resell. Have not advertised it yet. But if you know what you need in the way of photos, let me know. I will be happy to help till I sell it.

    Oh, I have a clone BS and I am sure it's a copy of the Delta too.
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    There's an obvious size/scale difference, but here's a few shots of my MM24 that might give you a starting point:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSCN6076.jpg 
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ID:	6189 Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSCN6077.jpg 
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Name:	DSCN6078.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSCN6079.jpg 
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Name:	DSCN6080.jpg 
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Name:	DSCN6081.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSCN6082.jpg 
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ID:	6195

    Hope these help a little. Let me know if you need/want any specific shots of anything, since I'll have my camera in the shop with me.

    - Marty -
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