I have a ~1952 Craftsman 8" table saw; and a Shopsmith 10er currently posted on ebay with local pick up only. Had a ton of views but I am sure the pick up requirement is the key. I am located in Port Jefferson, LI, New York. Shipping costs would be prohibitive. Cleaning out the basement, have too many tools (yes I really do) and need to let some things go. The table saw is in good condition for it's age, still runs well. The Shopsmith motor is giving me problems. I think it is hung up on a "winding" and the centrifugal clutch won't engage/disengage. So it starts up runs rough for several seconds and then trips the breaker. I don't know enough about electric motors however to be sure, or attempt a fix. I also plan to sell my 4" Craftsman jointer - it has been sitting in the corner for years, I just don't use it. I need to dig it out and get the specifics for posting. If there is any interest, please get back to me. Thanks. BillClick image for larger version. 

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