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Thread: Been a little busy doing my bit to help US economy :)

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    Been a little busy doing my bit to help US economy :)

    Well i have not had much time to sleep never mind read the forum the past couple weeks.
    Lifes been a blurr of different issues.

    Week ago today i struck such a great deal down in PA that i just had to do it and took a quickly arranged trip to PA to pick up a new addition to the it aint a dog or anything alive but it put paid to any tour de wood trip to Spain. Sorry Toni and Carol.

    However it does now provide me with great opportunity to better explore this continent with ease and freedom.

    So here is what followed me home last weekend and its had me distracted simce then getting her ready for maiden voyage "Thanks Giving Camping" without a tent

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Already collected on tip from our forum that Jim D had posted re jacks and power drill, since i am a total rookie, idiot and newbie to this entire scene i am open to any and all tips recommendations and suggestions that could improve my knowledge base.

    More pics to follow when time permits.

    Trailer is a Forest River Vcross 25VFB she is around 26 ' from hitch to end.

    Jeep Commander gained new respect from me towing this puppy up the hills from PA towards Rochester. Man that hemi is one unbelievable engine.
    I had thought since Linda was the biggest voter in favor or buying this, that it was my path to a new truck (I desperately want a pick up truck) but the Jeep did so well i got no chance.

    Anyway thats all i got time for now will post some more.

    Shoutout to Peter R out east. Thanks for all the trailer border crossing info. Btw Peter this is NOT the trailer i still have in mind to get in Mi.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob Keeble View Post
    Shoutout to Peter R out east. Thanks for all the trailer border crossing info. Btw Peter this is NOT the trailer i still have in mind to get in Mi.


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    Wow Rob! Nice rig. Opens up a whole new world. I see a big dually in your future, one of those big barkin' Cummins that sound like a '68 Mack!
    I hope it brings you to NS!
    Good luck on the next one!

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    SWEET that will do nicely. You will have to travel this way with it so we can see it HEY I guess the shoulder is doing better?

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    That's not John Deere green?

    I like it, would like one that size myself some day, but my wife lacks that camping gene.

    I assume the Jeep has an electric brake controller? I'll have to see if I can find pics of the canopy clamps my dad made. When the canopy is extended, he clamps them around the support bars about the middle of the canopy and they pinch the canopy itself to keep the wind from making the canopy flutter.

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    Nice Rob.
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    Congrats, Rob. Looks like fun. Glad the wing is improving.

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    Well I hope that a trip to New England is in your future

    Sure looks nice
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    Congrats Rob! Now you can even drive down south our way.
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    I have an Arctic Fox that size and love it. We would like bigger, but really for the two of us it is a good size. Easy to pull and park. I am sure you will love it. I found it important to have an extra length of hose for water and extra length of drain hose for the sewer. Not all sites have the same distance to water and sewer connection. Always check the pressure in the spare tire before you leave. I thought I was going to have to use it the last time we were out and of coarse it only had about 20#'s pressure in it. My wife likes to convenience camp, as I call it, full hookup every where we go, including wifi. It's okay with me as long as we go. You and her will love it. Great way to travel around. I plan my trips for about 350 mile between stops. Means we can easily leave one place with out rushing, get going by 8:30am or 9. Be at the next place around 4pm. Lots of time to set up and relax a while in the evening, without have to drive like crazy to get there.

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    color me jealous here...

    Rob, as a 'new' trailer owner, I'll pass along what one veteran camper told me early on...

    when you're parking the rig, remember that it isn't a race. Take as many 'pull forward' maneuvers that you need to safely put the rig where you want it. also GOAL when backing. That stands for Get Out And Look.

    add another heavy gauge extension cord to your 'kit' just like the water and sewer hookups, the utilities pylon may not be situated where it is best for your rig. Oh and while you won't be full-timing, do join the Escapees forum and/or club, lots of like minded folks who share tips and so forth.

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