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Thread: Wood River Chisel Plane

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    Wood River Chisel Plane

    I just bought a wood river chisel plane and created a short video review.
    Let me know what you think.

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    Looks like a real handy tool to have. Might just have to replace my scraper with it Nice job on the video too

    Maybe you just didn't show it but why not take the plane apart and clean the whole thing?
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    nice video and i like the size of that plane and can see more uses for one than scraping glue
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    The packing oil is not the typical packing grease. It's a light machine oil, like mineral oil. I thought it unnecessary to clean it thoroughly with acetone, only to put another oil back on. Boeshield plays nicely with mineral oil. I just wiped off the excess.
    A scraper still works well if the glue has partially dried.

    The chisel plane can also be used to pare dowels and dovetails flush to the main surface.

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    Very nice, and as usual great video Alan!

    I have a Bullnose plane that I use to do the same thing, mine is not as wide as the one you are using, but it sure gets the job done, I agree, way better than a chisel or a scraper!
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    Beautiful and useful tool.

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    Nice tool but a kinda pricey glue scraper. I use a paint scraper for glue and a plane for wood. Seriously, a paint scraper makes short work of glue squeeze out. But I truly agree with Alan's last comment about satisfaction and quality tools.

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    I learned something from your video. That, alone, makes it a good video. You did very well with camera angles, lighting, etc. I was impressed how smoothly you moved the camera (no jerks or bounce) while walking. You make the plane sound very interesting.

    Thanks for the video and Enjoy,

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