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Thread: This looks pretty cool!

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    This looks pretty cool!

    Looks pretty simple to make.
    Maybe I could hide new tool purchases in here so the wife doesn't see them
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    Very cool. I've always had a thing for hidden doors and passageways.

    Last year when I was installing artwork for a living, we had a job at Marvin Gaye's old recording studio in Hollywood. (Now owned by John McClain, who was our client.) We also got to see Marvin's apartment, which was upstairs above the studio. Access to the apartment was via a stairway that was hidden behind a large bookcase. You pull a specific book out partway and there is a 10-digit keypad on the face of the book. Punch in the combination, the door/shelf unlocks, and you open it up to expose the stairs. Cool as all get out. I wasn't able to get any photos of the bookcase or stairway, but I did take this one of the marble stoop at the entrance:

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