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Thread: Some recent photos.....

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    Some recent photos.....

    The wife and I took a drive. We ended up visiting my brother in Pinedale, WY.

    Leaving Pinedale, we drove to Jackson, WY crossed the Teton Pass into Idaho. Then north on the I-15 to I-90. We spent the night in Missoula, MT. That evening at Corrino's restaurtant, I discovered a new local brewery, Kettle House Brewery. They make Cold Smoke Scotch Ale. Excellent! During the night it rained and snowed in the surrounding mountains and cleansed the air of the smoke from the forest fires. That morning while I gassed up the Honda Pilot and cleaned the windows, the wife went into the mini-mart to buy me a cup of coffee. She returned with a large cup of black coffee and 3 8-packs of 16 ounce Cold Smoke. I love that woman! We drove west across Montana to Lolo Pass. We followed US-12 home. The smoke wasn't as bad as we experienced when we left on our trip but there was still a 70 mile area where all exits and pull-offs are blocked....signs warning not to stop on the pavement and to use your headlights so other drivers can see you in the smoke.

    A few photos you might appreciate. The first photos were taken on the Hoback River south of Jackson Hole, WY.

    The last 2 photos were taken of the Lochsa River along US-12 in Idaho after just crossing into Idaho.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    The above photo was taken from the summit of Teton Pass. It pictures Jackson Hole. While the town is named Jackson. You can see why the trappers named the area Jackson's Hole after a trapper Davey Jackson who wintered there.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	t7.jpg 
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ID:	70816In this photo you can see the smoke from the forest fire in the distance....
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    Ken, I for one am quite shocked that you would post pictures that are in such poor taste. All that beautiful nature run rampant! Shocking I say. Call out the cement trucks and get that stuff paved over before it catches on .

    Seriously, beautiful country Ken. Thanks for posting. Being from California I have a love for mountains, desert and shore. I was an avid hike-in camper till a few years ago and can really appreciate nature in the raw whether it is within the sound of the highway or three days in.
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    Looks like you had a nice tour, Ken. That's a great set of photos! I can hardly wait until LOML retires early next year so we can start doing more tours.
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    Great photos Ken! Looks like a relaxing trip.
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    Glenn didn't mention that his brother, Greg, would really like to live in WY.

    Sorry, but I am a California boy. I just wouldn't feel right living in all the clear air. Besides that I wouldn't get rocked to sleep every now and then with a little house shaking.

    Great photos.


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    Sure is beautiful country Ken
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    Beautiful picutres Ken, thanks for sharing.
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    did you wet a line ken,, that river looked very fishy
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    Beautiful country, Ken. Thanks for the photos.
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    Quote Originally Posted by larry merlau View Post
    did you wet a line ken,, that river looked very fishy
    Didn't wet a line Larry. Didn't have time on this trip as our itinerary was set by other family members.

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