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Thread: SOLD - Craftsman 113.298032 Cast Iron Contractor Saw - SOLD

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    SOLD - Craftsman 113.298032 Cast Iron Contractor Saw - SOLD


    Iíve bought several of these older Emerson made contractor saws and sold them off for parts. This weekend I acquired one thatís just in too darn nice shape to sell as pieces, so I thought Iíd offer it up here in case anyone knows of someone in the western NY area looking for a nice deal on a good full size contractor saw thatís got a lot of upside potential. Itís a mid-1980ís saw with a belt drive 1hp induction motor, steel wings, and the typical lame Emerson fence, but itís in great shape, runs super, includes the miter gauge, manual, and Iíll toss in a couple of decent blades. It looks even better in person than the pics. The parts are easily worth the $100 price tag, so itís hard to go wrong with the investment. Heck, even the main top would make for a nice big cast iron wing!
    $100PM me if interested

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    looks like a great 'user', I've got it's younger cousin... the Ridgid 3612. For $100 that's a steal. I may know someone who can use it though, and they're 'near' you. don't hold back on my account,but I've let them know about it.
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    That's my saw! I picked it up for next to nothing last year but it wasn't is near as good shape. It needed a good clean up, new blade and was way out of alignment. If anyone is interested, I have a PDF of the owners manual I can email...just send me a PM with your email address.
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