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Thread: Tabletop display case

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    Tabletop display case

    I am going to make a tabletop display case and wondered if anyone has made one before.

    The one I want to make will be the horizontal version that opens up.

    It looks to be a simple project, here's what I'm thinking:

    Make a box out of 1x3 material.
    Make the top out of 1x2 material (looks like a picture frame), add plexiglass.
    Hinge them together.
    Add bottom.
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    The method you've outlined would likely be the way I'd do it. One other option would be to make the box out of 1 x 5 material, then use a table saw to cut the top 2" off for the lid. That way you can be certain the lid will be an exact fit to the box. I've used this method quite a bit for smaller boxes with good results. (It's important for your saw to be set up to cut straight and true, though.)
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    one change to your thoughts,, use glass rather than plexiglass. the plexiglass will get dingy over time and any cleaner will work on it as well.. and it does scratch easy when the grand kids play with there toys on it..
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