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Thread: My first HF......

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    My first HF......

    This past Christmas my MIL gave me a very generous Christmas gift and a note "Buy something you want...not something you need".....Well I really didn't need a Jamieson hollowing rig but I sure did want one.......

    When the LOML gets home this evening, I'll show it to her but I'm pretty sure this will end up in my MIL's private collection in Illinois. Luckily for me, she's not a real critic but certainly is a grateful recipient!

    My first HF.....5 1/2" diameter by 2 3/4" high....dunno wood given to me by a local turner last summer......finish....blo, Zinsser's dewaxed shellac and Beal buffed.......Comments and critiques always welcomed. I won't get any better if you don't point out my errors.

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    Wow, very nice.
    Richard "Butch" Leshner

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    Looks real nice, Ken. Better than my first attempt with my rig. The dunno wood looks a lot like some maple I turned recently. Captured rig hollowing sure seems more addictive than turning itself.
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    Looks really good Ken, nice shape, and finish too. The hole in top is begging for a diffrent color wood collar

    Very nice job indeed, your MIL will think so too, I'm sure, that is, IF your lovely wife will let that one out of HER house!!

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    Great job, Ken. So where are your real first attempts... the ones that ended up all over the shop, as frisbees or ended up as a bowl.
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    Great looking bowls Ken. I'm hoping for a hollowing sytem for Fathers day (birthday past).Is it hard to learn? In the way of comments you asked for the only thing I see is your name on the bottom and date completed are missing.

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    Ken....take a harder look at the 2nd photo...It's there.

    It's not hard to learn to use. I got the video put out by Jamieson and he's does a great job of showing how to use it.

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    ken that`s a good job for your first or 50th!
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    Ken that is a real beauty. Awesome job for your first Ken.
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