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Thread: A couple of small fresh logs

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    A couple of small fresh logs

    Friends of mine are working on their house which was damaged in a fire last spring. They took down a small maple, and offered me the trunk. I happily stopped and picked up the goodies this weekend...
    I'm not getting anything 'big' out of this stuff, but I'll get plenty of fun wet turning stock out of it for bird houses, handles, or what not. I've still got to cut it into workable chunks... might try and do that later today.
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    oh, and other friends of mine are clearing an entire lot of a bunch of wood... and I volunteered to help them 'get rid of' some cherry logs (their term).

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    Cool! Free wood is the best kind.
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    That's great. Free wood is the best wood.
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    Used to think that turning wood was hard to find. Then i discovered the local garden waste dump we have where they compost all garden waste.

    Now i also see it all over when people put it out on the sidewalk here in fall.
    Its started to make me spoilt and get picky

    Way too much of it around here is some form of pine.

    You got lucky with maple and cherry coming. Good friends to think of you.

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