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    Question Portable ts

    I am looking for a portable ts. Prefer one that has a base built in. I just picked up a job as a sub for some case work in NM and really need to to get one. Was looking at the Bosch any other ones to look at? What are you using?

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    I have had this one for about 5 years now with no complaints yet.
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    The Bosch is really highly regarded. The Ridgid and DeWalt have plenty of fans too. The Ridgid tends to be less expensive, has a 3 year warranty, plus offers the Lifetime Service Agreement if you register for it. Don't know if HD would accept a 20% coupon on one, but it couldn't hurt to try.
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    i have used the bosch and liked it AL.. and it has enough hp..
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    I have a Dewalt like Chuck's. It is a job-site saw and I suspect does that job pretty well. However, some of the features that make it a good job-site saw (size and weight) do limit its capabilities. It has a fairly small table and short fence to match. You will need a lot of in/out feed support or extra help to cut sheet goods. It does OK on smaller pieces. There is not a lot of space in front of the blade, so it is limited in the width of stock you can crosscut using the miter gauge. I made a sled which helps with that problem.

    The best thing I did for it was pitch the stock Dewalt blade and put on a Forrest WWII. It is not over powered, depending on what you are working on, maybe consider a thin kerf blade.

    I have problems keeping the blade squared up in the vertical and the fence aligned. I have to move it back and forth about 8' from its storage spot to where I can use it, that may contribute to the alignment issue. The base is mostly plastic which I suspect also contributes to that problem. It does have a fold-up stand.

    It does OK, but I'd swap it in a heart beat for a cabinet saw if I had room for one.

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    I too had the DeWalt 744 for a fairly long time, I very much liked it, at the time there was nothing else on the market that was close to it, I paid a LOT of money for it shipped from the USA, but it was worth it at the time. With the mobile base I think it would make a great jobsite saw. That being said, I'd look very hard at the Bosch jobsite saw, it was not on the market when I bought my DeWalt, but I have heard many great reviews of it.
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